Why it Has Taken Me So Long to Have a Blog

June 11, 2023

Technically this is my second attempt. I tried blogging many years ago (2013/2014) and it just really didn’t go anywhere to my fault. I’ve thought about it through the years and always stopped myself so thought I’d reveal why to prevent this from happening again.

1. I didn’t feel like enough. To be a blogger or influencer, the more successful ones have a specific look. I’m not downing myself but I’m not a model, I’m pale, I still can’t do the perfect makeup routine, and I don’t have a loud personality. (I also don’t drink coffee, own a Stanley, or Uggs.) All that to say, I’ve been afraid of not being “accepted” because I don’t check all the normal boxes. BUT now that’s why I feel it’s so important to show up as myself. This is for the other women who are looking for what’s more relatable to them. I’ve had to stop following some high-profile influencers over the last couple of years because I just couldn’t relate to them anymore. And that’s okay.

2. I wasn’t sure how to operate. Years ago there weren’t so many platforms and systems available to make things simpler from web design, scheduled posting, umm Canva! I probably would’ve been using Polyvore or PowerPoint to do inspo looks. Online listings weren’t as nice as they are now. Plus joining affiliate programs was more complicated! I’m currently still not cool enough per LTK standards, but I’ve found another program that’s accepting of my under 400 “followers!”

3. I didn’t have a clear vision or brand. I feel I’m finally at a point that I’m clear on what I want to share and focus on: women’s workwear outfits and more modest/easy to wear special occasion wear, finding my style again as a 30-something post-Covid employee, easy recipes and meal planning, home organization and decorating, and behind the scenes of my business ventures. It’s a space not to brag and say “look at me” but to hold myself accountable and hopefully helping others by sharing what I’ve learned by giving tips or even just motivation.

4. My boutique took priority. I didn’t seriously think about starting up the blog again once I started my online boutique, then storefront and online, then online and booths, and now booth and sort of online. (Ha!) I was focused on all that comes with running a boutique business.

So those are the main reasons, and those same feelings and doubts will no-doubt creep in from time to time but I’m going to push myself to be more consistent and show up when it’s hard. I want to give this a fair chance and really go for it the rest of the year before deciding if it’s time to throw in the towel, or keep it going. Thank you so much for being here! Let’s strive for more together!