I attempted to start a blog around 2013. After starting my first job after college in Arkansas I was looking for a creative outlet. I called it The Merry Moore as a nod to my Mimi, Mary, and my (now) maiden name. It just kind of sat into existence until 4 years later I decided to use the name to start my online boutique. In May 2019, I opened a storefront back in my hometown in Missouri. It had always been a dream and I was so excited...until 2020 hit and I ended up deciding to close the end of that year and focused on booth spaces, shows, and online. My husband, two dogs, and myself moved back to Arkansas for a fresh beginning. It's not been an easy journey and I'm still dealing with the aftermath that comes with closing a business.

I always enjoyed being the face of my business and sharing my personal journey. I found it easier to do with a bunch of "strangers" than people that "know" me worried about them judging me. I've been quite busy with my other business that I haven't let myself fully try this whole blogging/ influencing thing out. I'm finally ready to give it a real try because why not? 

As I've entered my thirties, I'm just not hung up on a lot of things that I used to be and want to follow real, genuine people that I can relate to. I want to be one of those people to share what I'm just now figuring out to hold myself accountable, but also help someone else. It's not too late to make changes for a healthier, happier lifestyle. I'm excited to share my journey here with you all.



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My husband, Ronnie, grew up in Alaska. We met because his dad reconnected with his high school sweetheart from Hawaii, who is one of my mom's oldest friends.


Ronnie got not one, but TWO sister dogs while I was on my first overseas work trip to Vietnam and China... about six months before we were to be married. I said I would get to name them and lucky for him they're the cutest and best behaved dogs. I only had goldfish as pets growing up so this was a very big life change.

I've always known I wanted to work in fashion. My earliest memory is watching the original 101 Dalmatians and sketching black and white outfits for Cruella de Vil. (My love for black must stem from this!)

I was super fortunate the summer before senior year of college to intern for a fashion PR company and showroom in London. Living and working in the city with about 100 other people in my program is something I'll never forget.

I'm a Christian and excited to get plugged into a church and community in the area now that Ronnie has a M-F job. This is the first time I believe in our entire relationship we've worked the same schedule while living in the same city.